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Peru Finca El Cipres


10 oz, whole bean

Reminds us of: Nectarine, White Grape, Caramel Sweetness

Another from the Branch Street Relational line.

Located only a few miles from our other Peruvian offering, in the small pueblo of Agua Colorada in the Huabal region of Peru.

The high altitude growing terrain provides a very high cup quality at 1800 masl. Producer Jose Herrera works with his family on this modest 5-hectare farm, hand picking cherries from their Red Caturra (90%) and Yellow Caturra (10%) coffee trees. Completely organic farming practices are followed to ensure sustainability.

A portion of every sale is returned to the Herrera family to help with updates to their facilities, forming a true cooperative relationship with the producers who meticulously care for their farm.


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