Guatemala Las Marías – Espresso


10oz Whole Bean

This is our fourth year working with Dos Niñas Coffee Importers in Guatemala. Dos Niñas is named for the farmer’s two daughters, who are both active in the family business after deciding to become importers to facilitate direct trade of the families’ coffee. There is no middleman here, the family controls the crop from harvest to delivery.

One of their richest and most picturesque lots, it sits on the skirts of a volcano and is home to one of their Ceibas (the Guatemalan national tree.)  There’s just something about being on this lot that makes you feel like one with nature, adding a little extra allure to its cup. This coffee is grown at an alttiude of 1300m and is a washed process coffee.

We are excited to bring this coffee to our program, and you can taste it on espresso in our shop.


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