Interview with Matt the Owner




How you got into coffee

I was first introduced to specialty coffee when a co-worker brought me a cup of freshly roasted Costa Rican from a newly opened shop near our job.  It was kind of an “aha” moment for me, realizing that coffee could be an experience, not just a drink.


What you love the most about coffee

My favorite part of the coffee world has to be the drive of our community.  As an industry, there are a tremendous number of people who are actively trying to push the envelope of ingenuity to better the end product.  We have come a long way in recent years, and I am confident that we will continue that progress.


What you think would make this artisan coffee culture even better

Communication industry wide is a huge step in progressing our coffee culture.  My hope is that we will also work together to improve the coffee community for everyone involved.  Competition is healthy, but it should be done in a healthy way.  I hope we draw influence from the craft beer industry, and the collaborative efforts that they foster.


Your favorite movie

The Big Lebowski.  Fantastic writing, awesome acting and perfect execution throughout the film.  There are so many memorable quotes, and the cast is dynamite.


Your favorite brew method of coffee

This really depends on the coffee.  Espresso, EK-spresso, Kalita, Beehouse, V-60, French Press, siphon, and cold brew all have amazing qualities. I love employing different methods for different coffee, and in the end it is not up to me.  I let the coffee decide.


Your hobbies and interests

Coffee has become the central focus of my professional and personal life.  I am fortunate in that it has remained in the forefront of both my hobbies and interests as well.  It is such a deep subject, and there is so much to learn and experiment with.

Outside of coffee, you can find me with a Scotch, bourbon or craft beer.


Your life accomplishments

After 12 years in the field, I am still an actively certified Nuclear Medicine and CT Technologist.

Oh, I’m an Eagle Scout too.


Something surprising about you

I’m an amateur photographer.  I love shooting creative and fine-art photos, although lately it has been iphone pics for the Branch Street instagram account.  Although I hate being in the spotlight, I have been in galleries before, and published in books.


I am a main antagonist in a true-story called “Fakebook,” written by David Cicirelli.


Your favorite type of vehicle

My pickup.  It is so comfortable, easy to drive, and it has been so useful in getting the store off the ground.


Something you’re working to get that you don’t now have

I’m hoping to one day be able to source coffee directly.  To be able to meet the farmer responsible for the crop, and to pay them directly would establish relationships with the coffee, as well as those responsible for growing it.





IG: @branchstreetcoffee

Twitter: @branchstreetcr