Branch Street: The Next Steps

Is it too late for Resolutions? We don’t think so.

The start to 2019 was a swift one, which didn’t leave much time for us to publicly state our goals for the year going forward. Each year, we set some expectations and goals that we hope will help push us forward as a company. It is usually our hope that in achieving these goals each year, we will push the coffee community forward and introduce more people to the world of Specialty Coffee.

This year, we decided to double down on our commitment to the community of coffee and tea enthusiasts that have surrounded Branch Street and supported us through these past 3 years. A large part of our program has been education and transparency. If you want to know how we are preparing a drink, or the proper way to brew your tea, we are always willing to teach and offer any insight we have.

Coffee classes are back!

In the past, we have offered classes specially tailored to making better coffee at home, so you are able to enjoy your cafe experience at home as well. We quickly sold out of these classes due to their popularity. This year, we have committed to re-starting these classes and making sure that the course is more than a lecture; it is an experience.

Now, during our coffee classes we are pairing our coffee with some light baked goods to help with the sensory experience. We are encouraging our guests to come loaded with questions about THEIR home equipment so we can tailor the answers to their specific needs and ensure that tomorrow’s coffee is better than todays. Constant improvement is our goal, and we would like to help our attendees achieve the same level of success.

All New: Specialty Tea classes

In addition, we have launched a beginner Tea class. Did you know that there is a whole world of Specialty Tea? Now we are offering classes on how to get the most out of this tea at home. It is fair to say that we have re-discovered our love for specialty tea, and for many of us it has become just as big a part of our day as coffee. That is saying a LOT.


You may have noticed a little change in our tea program taking place about a year ago. We rolled it out quietly, but it was a big change for us. Say goodbye to the standard “flavored” tea offerings. Branch Street set out to learn everything we could about the tea world. As it turns out, we discovered just how much we were missing out on.

This involved some major changes to what we new, and how we presented our tea program. We have worked closely with several tea importers to find the best of the best, and we think you will notice. All of our tea now is from the highest grade available, and each has its own unique flavor that is just as broad as our coffee selections.

If you order one of these new tea selections to stay in the cafe, you will notice some drastic changes. Your tea will come out on a tray, with a brewer and a timer. We will do the preparation for you, but you decide when it is time to finish the brew and pour it into your mug. As an added bonus, we recommend steeping these teas several times. Since we are using such a high quality tea, they will hold up to multiple brews which shape the flavor and create a different experience every time.

Public Cuppings

A large part of what we do involves tasting our coffee, again and again. There is a special procedure for this in the coffee world, called “cupping.” Cupping is a way that we can ensure our quality and consistency. It also plays a large role in helping us to select our coffees for the future. We taste all of the coffee in a cupping session prior to committing to purchasing a large order. This is our way of ensuring that we are always able to offer the best coffees we can find.

Cupping new offerings for our coffee program

Now, we have decided to offer cupping opportunities to you. Our cupping program will soon be opened up to the public to allow anyone interested to learn, and participate. This is a great way to learn more about coffee, tasting notes, and the process we use to select our offerings.

In addition, the input from the community has always been important to us. Finding coffees that are interesting and unique has been our goal to date. With this new public cupping program, we can use input from YOU to help us choose our next selection. If you want your voice heard, come pick your favorite offerings with us!

Keep an eye out for our rollout of this cupping program. We will offer several months of regular cuppings that are open for anyone to attend. Learn the process with us, and when the time comes, make your voice heard. You may be responsible for bringing in our newest offering from a remote village in South America.

What do you think?

This year, we are developing Branch Street to be all about YOU. This is your coffee shop, and we want your input. How can we server you better?

It has always been our goal to be a part of the community, not just a coffee shop. To do this effectively we want to be sure that your needs are met. Is there a topic you wish you knew more about? Drop us a line and let us know!

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