Automatic Home Brewers

One of the most frequent requests that we get involve recommendations for home auto-brewer machines. There are several things that go into a question like this, and many of them involve budget, desired features, size, and style.

Many of our other blog posts deal with the components of making a great cup of coffee (grind, water chemistry, water temperature, brewing parameters, type of coffee, etc.), and we always concentrated on pour overs. We have already gone over how “batch brew” can be every bit as good or better than pour overs, so let’s look at the recommended gear for your home machines.

The point of a good home brewing machine will be its ability to brew coffee. Home machines have only a few jobs, but they must be done properly to ensure a great experience. They must:

  • Heat water to the right temperature
  • Infuse the coffee with water
  • Filter grinds so they don’t enter the brew

Some brewers have advanced features, such as being able to set the brew temperature, set a “bloom” time, set an infusion program or protocol, determine total brew time and contact time.

As long as we are using proper water, a properly set burr grinder, and expertly roasted coffee, you should be good to go.

We will yield the floor now to a guest blog, which has reviewed several different models, and explained their features and any up/down sides that they may have.  All of these are excellent options, and all would make a great countertop companion.

The Best Coffee Maker


Our “Top Pick” is the Behmor Brazen Plus, which has been “field tested” by several of our fellow coffee nerds, and it withstands the test of the most conscious palate.